Tuesday, September 1, 2009

American English Pronunciation

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American English Pronunciation

Pronunciation: noun To say or speak correctly, especially a language.

American English Pronunciation: noun The accent used predominantly within the United States of America. American English pronunciation is the accent used in Hollywood representing the general American accent and by news casters from CNN etcetera as the American accent.

Welcome to the American English Pronunciation area of our online Article library. Pronunciation is an important part of speaking English and learning English. By simply learning how to make the sounds within American English and learning how to recognize these sounds, your pronunciation and speaking will improve. Pronounce Pro publishes a DVD and CD partner method for American English pronunciation which easily and expertly instructs good pronunciation. Here you can find free lessons and tips to improve pronunciation.

Below you may browse all our Pronunciation article lessons or go directly to lessons on these more specific Pronunciation areas: | Vowel Sounds | Consonants | Syllable Stress | Word Stress | Intonation | Linking | Contractions | Voiced and Voiceless Sounds | Diphthongs | Pronunciation Games | Other Pronunciation Lessons | Pronunciation Online Quizzes | Twelve Class email Course on Learning American English Pronunciation - no charge |

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For further free instruction, videos, lessons, quizzes on Pronunciation visit the Pronunciation area of the Online English hub.

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Learn Pronunciation with our American English Pronunciation Online Quiz and Answer Library located on this blog.

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