Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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Grammar: noun The study of classes of words, their usage, and their functions and relations in a sentence. Grammar also deals with usage correct in syntax.

Welcome to the Grammar area of our Online English Lesson Article Library. Grammar is the biggest section of learning English and this is the biggest section of our library. You will find lessons on all aspects of Grammar from level one to level three. We also have a full library of Grammar Online Quizzes. Quizzes with answers are a good way to identify where you need to practice. Quizzes also help put the lessons learned into your long term memory.

All our Grammar lesson articles are located below or you can select from the more specific categories here: | Nouns | Verbs | Pronouns | Adverbs | Adjectives | Prepositions | Tenses | Verbs Present Time | Verbs Past Time | Verbs Future Time | Verbs Imperative Mood | Verbs Passive Voice | Countable Nouns | Proper Nouns | Possessive Nouns | Simple Tense | Progressive Tense | Perfect Tenses | Future Tenses | Personal Pronouns | Possessive Pronouns | Reflexive Pronouns | Indefinite Pronouns | Subject-Verb Agreement | Articles | Modals | Gerunds and Infinitives | Contractions | Other Grammar areas | Grammar Online Quizzes | Twelve Class email Course on Must-Know Grammar - no charge |

  • Learn all areas of Grammar with our lessons
  • Let us select what Grammar is must-know Grammar
  • Visit Grammar Essentials with Dr. Giuffre at the Online English hub for Free Grammar Video Lessons with a Doctor

If you have questions on Grammar you may ask the Online English hub’s Teacher Staff for Free using the Online English Learning tree.

Don’t forget to visit the Online English Hub’s Grammar section for many more free lessons, video lessons, email courses, and personal instruction on Grammar.

Learn Grammar faster with our Grammar Online Quizzes and answers located on this blog.

Grammar is not the easiest part of learning English. With the right lessons and resources Grammar is not as difficult as they say. If it ever does get confusing just email one of our teachers or submit your question to the Online English Learning Tree- they are glad to help you.

~The Pronounce Pro plus Cast and Staff~


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