Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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Slang: noun An informal nonstandard vocabulary composed typically of invented words, changed words, and extravagant figures of speech.

Welcome to the Slang area of our Online English Lesson Article Library. Slang is important to learn because almost every American English speaker uses some slang and all native English speakers use Slang when speaking and writing informal English. If you don’t know the Slang terms they are using understanding and talking with them will be difficult. There are TONS of Slang usage in American English, our lessons try and cover the WAY COOL terms. We have article lessons on the origin and history of common Slang terms, popular Slang terms to use, and some ideas on where and how to correctly and appropriately use Slang.

You may browse our entire catalog of Slang Lessons below or go directly to a category: | What is Slang | History of Slang | When to Use Slang | How to Use Slang | Why Use Slang | When Not to Use Slang | Slang Greetings | Slang Without Auxiliary Verbs | Slang for Eating | Hot and Cool Slang Usage | Animals Used as Slang | Slang for Size Amounts | Slang for describing Things | Slang for describing Money, Prices, Wealth | Slang Terms for Sleeping and Tired references | Slang Usage of Modal Verbs with Have in reference to Events occurring | Tools used as Slang Terms | Slang Usage of Ain’t | Slang Terms for Untrue Things | Slang Terms for Cars | Slang Terms for Sports | Contractions and Slang Usage | Slang Terms for Things Whose Names You Don’t Know | Phrasal Verbs | Coulda Woulda Shoulda Slang Usage | Slang for the Human Body | Slang for describing the Amount of Things | Slang to Describe What You Thought of Something | Slang for Beautiful People | Slang for Places | Other Language Usage as English Slang | Slang for Dating and Love | Slang for Describing People Characteristics and Feelings | Two Words Rhyming Slang Terms | Wow! Slang Terms | Slang for Very Great Things | Slang for Responding Answers | Slang to Express Victory | Slang to Express You Don’t Care | Slang for Troubling Situations | Slang Terms to Say Goodbye | Slang Transcriptions | Important Slang Words | Slang Games | Slang Online Quizzes | Twelve Class email Course on Learning American Slang - no charge |

  • Learn when and how to use Slang
  • Browse through lists of popular and current American English Slang terms
  • Practice with our Slang Online Quiz and Answer Library

If you have any questions about Slang you can ask the English Teacher Staff of the Online English Hub using their Free Online English Learning Tree feature.

For more Slang Lessons visit the Online English Hub. Each week new video lessons with the Slang Video Star ‘Bones’ also known as Jason are added to the Slang section.

Learn Slang terms and their usage with our Slang Online Quiz and Answer Library located on this blog.

"Practicing with this web page and its lessons will improve your Slang usage and your overall English comprehension. Slang is a very big part of everyday American Culture and informal English Speaking. So please get great use and enjoy our Slang Lessons."

~The Pronounce Pro Staff and Cast~


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