Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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Reading: verb To comprehend language by interpreting written symbols for speech sounds.

Welcome to the Reading area of the Online English Article Library. Reading is a big part of learning English, it's everywhere. We need to read instructions, read signs, read books, read menus, read tickets, reading really is ubiquitous.

Ubiquitous: adjective to be everywhere at the same time

We have two main types of reading lessons here. You may choose from our reading lessons that instruct on How to Read or you may choose from our reading lessons that are interesting, useful, and fun articles and entries to read. After each article lesson you read there are questions to practice your reading comprehension. We recommend you polish up your reading techniques with the Reading Technique lessons then move into the fun reading entries and articles for comprehension practice.

You can browse through all our reading lessons below or go directly to these specific categories: | Alphabet | How to Read | Reading Techniques | American History Reading | Modern Culture Reading | Pop Culture Reading | Movies Reading | Music Reading | Where Thing Come From Reading | Sports Reading | Travel Reading | Movie Script Reading | Fiction Reading | Poetry Reading | Twelve Class email Course on Learning Reading - no charge | Reading Online Quizzes for Comprehension levels |

  • Learn how to Read
  • Learn the English Alphabet
  • Read fun and interesting articles with reading comprehension questions and answers at the end
  • Our reading comprehension practice quizzes improve reading and prepare you for TOEFL, ESL, EFL exams

If you have questions about Reading you may submit questions to the Online English Hub's Teacher Staff for Free using the Online English Learning Tree feature.

For more Lessons on Reading visit the Online English Hub's Reading area. They have many more fun things to read with reading comprehension online quizzes.

*Each reading lesson article has reading comprehension questions and answers at the end.*

Remember to take the online quiz at the end of each article. The answers are there so keep track of your comprehension progress. The lessons are all written just for you by our Teacher Staff. If you enjoy reading the lessons they would love to hear comments from you! You can visit the whole Staff at the Online English hub. You can even email each individual teacher if you like. They love getting mail from Pronounce Pro plus students.

"Read a book a day, it's the best way." Relax and enjoy our written stories.

~The Pronounce Pro Staff and Cast~


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