Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb: noun A single unit of meaning or phrase containing a verb and one or more adverbs or prepositions that together form a single meaning.

Welcome to the Phrasal Verb section of our Online English Article and Lesson Library. Phrasal Verbs are similar to Idioms in that they are phrases whose whole meaning differ from the meaning of its parts. Phrasal Verbs are Idiomatic expressions -which means even if you know all the grammar and words in a phrase the meaning may still may be unclear - that use a Verb and one or more Adverbs or Prepositions to create a new meaning. Learning Phrasal Verbs will take memorization because there is sometimes no logic behind their meaning.

To help make learning Phrasal Verbs easier we have lesson options for you. We have a list of Phrasal Verbs our Teacher Staff think are "Must-Know Phrasal Verbs." You can look over this list and make flashcards of the phrases and their meaning you like the most. You may also browse our Phrasal Verbs Transcriptions to learn. These are short American English written passages that use Phrasal Verbs. Then below the first passage is another passage with the same information or story but that uses English without the Phrasal Verbs for comparison.

You may browse all our Lessons on Phrasal Verbs below or go directly to a category: | What is a Phrasal Verb | How to Use Phrasal Verbs | Why Use Phrasal Verbs | List of Phrasal Verbs | Must-Know List of Phrasal Verbs | Phrasal Verb Transcriptions | Phrasal Verb Games | Phrasal Verb Online Quizzes | Twelve Class email Course on Learning the best Phrasal Verbs - no charge |

  • Learn what a Phrasal Verb is and how to use them
  • See how Phrasal Verbs use Verbs, Adverbs, and Prepositions to form 'American English Sayings'
  • Use our excellent Phrasal Verb transcriptions to SEE how Phrasal Verbs are used correctly

If you have questions about Phrasal Verbs you can ask the Teacher Staff of the Online English hub for Free using the Online English Learning Tree feature.

To see more Phrasal Verbs Lessons visit the free Phrasal Verb area of the Online English Hub.

You will learn Phrasal Verbs with our Phrasal Verbs Online Quizzes and Answers Library located on this blog.

You can check out our lessons and soon you'll know of the best Phrasal Verbs and how to use them to make your English speaking shine through as confident and pleasing to listen to.

~The Pronounce Pro Plus Staff and Cast~


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