Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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Sentence: noun A grammatically self-contained speech unit that expresses an assertion, a question, a command, a wish, or an exclamation. Sentences usually contain a specific or implied subject and a predicate containing a finite verb.

Welcome to the Sentences area of our Online English Article Library. Words make up Sentences and Sentences make up paragraphs and paragraphs make up writing. Therefore Sentences make up Writing. This is true. The Sentence is powerful and when you have control of it your English Writing will quickly improve. Sentences have different parts to them and a thorough study of Sentences will benefit you by making learning English speaking, reading, and writing easier.

You can browse all our lessons on Sentences below or go directly to one of these Sentence Lesson categories: | Subject and Predicate | Transitive Verbs and Objects | Intransitive Verbs and Complements | Copulative Verbs and Complements | Sentence Order | Phrases | Clauses | Sentence Errors | Dangling Modifiers | Misplaced Modifiers | Ambiguous Pronouns | Lack of Parallel Structure | Sentence Fragments | Run-On Sentences | Wordiness | Rambling Sentences | Words of Transition | Parallelism | Indirect Discourse | How Sentences Grow | Advanced Sentence Structure Lessons | Sentence Games | Sentence Online Quizzes | Twelve Class email Course on Learning English Sentences - no charge |

  • Learn how to craft Sentences like a great English writer
  • From the basics of Sentences to advanced explorations of Sentence Structure
  • With good English sentences you can say anything

If you have questions about Sentences you are welcome to ask the Online English Hub Teacher Staff using the free Online English Learning Tree feature.

Visit the Sentence area of the Online English hub for more lessons on Sentences including new weekly lessons.

Learn how to write with great Sentences with our Sentence Online Quiz and Answers Library located on this blog.

"Having good command of the English sentence is the ticket to writing with professional level English." Enjoy our Sentence Lessons.

~The Pronounce Pro Staff and Cast~


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