Tuesday, September 1, 2009

English Basics

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English Basics

English Basics: noun The fundamentals of learning English outside of Grammar. English basics include asking directions, telling time, talking about the weather.

Welcome to the English Basics area of our Free Online English Article Lesson Library. When learning English the basics are important to know because from there you build the rest of your English knowledge. Knowing the basics is also great for traveling to America and interacting with other English speakers. Plus there are some areas of learning English that are necessary to completely master the English language, but they don't fit into any learning category. Chances are you’ll find those topics in our English Basics category.

The Basics section of our library is a complete catalog to get you going on the right foot with English. It includes lesson articles on | Telling Time | Numbers | Dates | Expressing Your Emotions | Greetings | Telephone English | Disagreeing | Meeting People | Talking About the Weather | Medical English | Other English Basics | English Basics Online Quizzes | Twelve Class email Course on Learning English Basics - no charge |

  • Learn the Basics of English
  • How to Tell Time, Ask For Directions, Speak with a Doctor, Say How you Feel, Speak Numbers, Disagree
  • Lessons to give you a solid English foundation

For further lessons on English Basics visit the English Basics area of the Online English hub. They have Video Lessons, and Resource Lessons, and Online Quizzes for English Basics. All Free.

Don’t forget to ask the Online English Hub's Teacher Staff any English Basics questions you have. They are glad to help you.

Learn English Basics with our English Basics Online Quiz and Answer Library located on this blog.

If you are just getting started with learning English and online English learning, this is the perfect area for you. Browse the article lessons below for all our lessons on English Basics or select a specific category from the links. These lessons will get you started learning English on the right foot. "Bon Voyage into English learning land, we'll be here for you the whole time."

~ The Pronounce Pro plus Cast and Staff~


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