Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Business English

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Business English

Business: noun Commercial or industrial enterprise, an occupation, or task.

Business English: noun The speaking, writing, and English usage to help facilitate and increase productivity in the international business world.

Welcome to the Business English area of our lesson article Library. Here you can find resources, lessons, and tips on getting ahead in the international business world with good business English skills. English is the language of the world and the language of business; we’ll show you coveted secrets and common knowledge on how to get the most out of your English writing and speaking for business English practices.

Here are direct links to our Business English lesson article categories:

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  • Learn Business English tips and secrets from American Business experts
  • See how to write good Business Letters
  • Get great information on American Customs, Style, Writing Resumes, Social Business Writing

If you have questions about Business English you can utilize the Free Online English Learning Tree located in the Online English hub. Submit your questions to the Teacher Staff.

For further lessons on Business English visit the Business English section of the Online English hub.

Learn Business English with our Business English Online Quiz and Answer Library located on this blog.

Business is where the money is, follow the lessons and tips in the articles below to advance yourself even further with English. You can browse all our Business English lesson articles below or select a direct category from the links above.

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Thanks for sharing this nice post. Many companies are expanding throughout Europe and beyond so it is better to learn business English for fluent conversation.

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