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Vocabulary: noun A stock or collection of words used by a class or individually or in relation to a subject.

Welcome to the Vocabulary area of the Online English Article Library. A good vocabulary means you know lots of interesting and useful words for speaking and writing English. There are so many words in the English language that it can be difficult to know which ones to learn to get a good vocabulary. That's another reason why our Online English Article library is a big help.

You can browse all our article lessons on Vocabulary below or go directly to these categories:
Why Vocabulary is Important | Tips to Improve your Vocabulary | Must-Know Level One Vocabulary Words | Must-Know Level Two Vocabulary Words | Must-Know Level Three Vocabulary Words | Learning new Vocabulary Words in Context | Vocabulary Online Quizzes with Answers | Vocabulary Games | Fun information about American English Vocabulary | Other Vocabulary Lessons | Twelve Class email Course on Learning Must-Know Vocabulary - no charge |

Learning new Vocabulary is fun because you find new ways to say things! The best way to easily improve your vocabulary is to read and work with flashcards and take our Online Vocabulary Quizzes right from this blog. The more quizzes you take the more words you learn. You may not want to learn every new word in the quizzes, it's fun to select new words you like the sound of and learn those first. Maybe later come back here and learn the rest. A good Vocabulary is a ticket to speaking great English.

  • Learn new Vocabulary
  • Get tips on the best ways to learn and remember new words
  • Online Quizzes to help you learn Vocabulary words faster

If you have a question about Vocabulary you can ask the Teacher Staff at the Online English Hub through their Online English Learning Tree free service.

For more Lessons on Vocabulary visit the Online English Hub's Vocabulary Section

A Great way to learn Vocabulary is to take Vocabulary Quizzes until you get the answers right. We have a full library of Vocabulary Quizzes and Answers located on this blog.

~The Pronounce Pro plus Staff and Cast~


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