Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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Punctuation: noun The act, practice, or system of inserting standardized marks in written matter to clarify the meaning and separate structural units.

Welcome to the Punctuation area of our Online English Article Library. Here you can find a complete lesson catalog on the different aspects that are English Punctuation. Learning Punctuation is important because it will allow you to write letters quickly and correctly without relying on an online grammar check - which because the same punctuation in English can have different meanings, doesn't always work.

You may browse all our Punctuation Lessons below or go directly to one of these categories:
What is Punctuation | How Punctuation Can Help You | Tips for Learning Punctuation | Apostrophe | Brackets | Colon | Comma | Dash | Ellipsis Point | Exclamation Point | Hyphen | Parentheses | Period | Question Mark | Quotation Marks | Semicolon | Slash | Capitals | Italics | Abbreviations | Numbers | Quotations | Notes and Bibliographies | Punctuation Games | Punctuation Online Quizzes and Answers | Twelve Class email Course on Learning English Punctuation - no charge |

  • Learn everything about English Punctuation
  • If you have a Punctuation question, check our lesson category
  • Our Punctuation Online Quiz and Answer Library is an efficient way to learn Punctuation

If you have any Punctuation questions you can ask the Teacher Staff of the Online English Hub for Free using the Online English Learning Tree feature.

For more lessons on Punctuation visit the Punctuation section of the Online English Hub.

Punctuation can be efficiently learned using Quizzes with Answers. To learn Punctuation visit our Punctuation Online Quiz and Answer library located on this blog.

"Because proper' punctuation' makes: all the difference"

~The Pronounce Pro Plus Staff and Cast~


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