Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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Spelling: verb To name or print in order the letters of a word.

Welcome to the Spelling area of our Online English article library. Spelling is important to learn because it will help with your English Reading. When you are better at Spelling, reading quickly and efficiently is easier. Also being able to write words correctly for flyers around work or notes to your friends in English is a good skill. Spelling can be made easier by reviewing the rules within English spelling.

You can go directly to the following categories of our Spelling Lessons: | Why Spelling is Important | Word Analysis | Spelling Lists | Spelling Rules | Letter Patterns | Greek and Latin Based Words | Predictable Spelling Changes | Spelling with Vowels | Spelling with Consonant Blends | Confusing Words | Changes in Word Sounds | Spelling Games | Other Spelling Lessons | Spelling Online Quizzes | Twelve Class email Course on Learning American English Spelling - no charge |

  • Spelling in English is easier when you know the Rules!
  • Improve your Reading when you improve your Spelling
  • Includes lists of hard to Spell words

Remember to ask any Spelling questions to the Teacher Staff from the Online English Learning Tree. This is a Free learning feature within the Online English Hub.

Visit the Spelling section of the Online English Hub for more Spelling lessons.

Learn Spelling with our Spelling Online Quiz and Answer Library located on this blog.

“S…..p…..e…..l…..l…..i…..n…..g  is fun!”

~The Pronounce Pro Staff and Cast~


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